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    • Qinhuangdao assembly building site meeting held ceremoniously
    • 2020-08-07 21:43:18
    • In order to accelerate the development of prefabricated building industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of construction industry, the Municipal Construction Bureau held a site meeting of Qinhuangdao prefabricated building in our company on August 5, 2020. Feng Zhiyong, vice mayor of Qinhuangdao City; Yu Dafei, director of the construction industry modernization promotion center of the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development; ye Haowen, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., and chairman of the construction industry modernization development committee of China Architectural Association; the main persons in charge of the urban, district and County residential construction system, as well as the principal of the major development enterprises, construction enterprises and industrial bases More than 80 members of the delegation came to our company to attend the meeting. Shi Zhaoxu, director of the Municipal Construction Bureau, presided over the opening ceremony. Yang Baojiang, chairman of the board of the company, Wang Xiaochun, general manager, and Tu Guoping, deputy general manager, attended the meeting.

       Qinhuangdao assembly building site meeting held ceremoniously(圖1)

      General manager Wang Xiaochun first welcomed the arrival of leaders and entrepreneurs. Through the "three in one" industry development direction proposed by director Ye Haowen, and combined with the situation of the enterprise, he made clear the development goal of our company's integrated building, and hoped to lead the prefabricated building and integrated construction industry forward through the efforts of the enterprise itself.

       Qinhuangdao assembly building site meeting held ceremoniously(圖2)

      From the perspective of professional technology, Dr. Li Ruifeng of Jinggong steel structure group shared with the guests the integrated technical innovation, industrial capacity and technical system of prefabricated buildings. Through the typical case of integrated building, this paper introduces the advantages of PSC integrated green building compared with ordinary building, and analyzes the main problems of prefabricated building. Dr. Li said that in the future, prefabricated buildings should go hand in hand with technology and management. They should work together in a two-way way way and interact with each other to promote the development of prefabricated buildings from technology upgrading to management.

       Qinhuangdao assembly building site meeting held ceremoniously(圖3)

      The PSC steel and concrete hybrid application technology jointly developed by Jinggong Lvzhu and academician Zhou Xuhong of Chongqing University has successfully won the first prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2019. The company will realize the strategic deployment from "building steel structure" to "steel structure integrated building technology" by upgrading "building steel structure technology" to "steel structure building" through business model upgrading from "professional contracting" to "EPC project general contracting". Facing the complex and changeable economic situation, the company will keep in mind the requirements and mission, closely follow the national development policy, continuously deepen scientific and technological innovation, and strive to make contributions to Qinhuangdao becoming a strong city in the construction industry.

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